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Tilden Park Tree

Tilden Park Tree


I rode my bike up the hill to Tilden Park, and when I got there, the light was so bright, reflecting off of the bay, so I looked to the side and saw this tree. A fine tree it was, living on the slanty, green hill moist and watered by recent storms. There were cows eating and watching me, so I was happy that they didn’t asking me questions about my painting. One small cow stood at the gate, looking at me, hoping I’d let him over to my side, presumably so that he or she might graze on greener pastures. The ride home was rather cold, numbing my fingers so that they hurt. I tried to get blood into them by repeatedly squeezing my handlebars, but it didn’t seem to make a difference.

12” x 16” x 7/8” , oil on canvas, signed on front, painted en plein air.

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